About me …

Hi, I am Katerina and I am really happy you´ve found me.

I used to think that eating meat is just the best way to stay healthy and fit. About 14 years ago I met a very attractive young men who happend to be a vegetarian. I was surprised and a little confused. In my mind attractive, healthy, strong and plant diet just did not go together. He was very much convinced about eating vegetarian and was trying to convice me. I was pretty sceptical, so he gave me some books with information about the advantages of plant-based diet. I liked him, but I was not convinced straight away. I thought that not eating meat would cause some deficiencies.

Anyway after talking it through I decided to give it a try. After all, I reasoned, when I feel weak or see something is missing I can always decide to eat meat. What I experienced was a great surprise and benefit at the same time. I started eating plant-based diet in January and in spring I noticed that I am not having any hay fever. I was startled because I had had a hay fever since I was 6 years old. Even though I was in treatment my allergy had been getting every year worse and worse. I used to have problems not only in spring, but the allergy was lasting longer and longer, till I ended up having problems from spring to fall. So going out and enjoying nature I couldn´t take for granted. I used to take different kind of medication, but they all had side effects, so they were helping with the symptoms of hey fever, but on the other hand creating other problems.

I was really surprised how great were the impacts of changing my diet. And I was blown away how quickly that worked. Just think about it. End of January I switched to vegetarian diet and the same year in spring – just few month later – my hey fewer was gone. With this new quality of life I got really interested in healthy diet. I have learned that it ist not enough just to leave away the meat and dairy products, but it´s important to create nutritious dishes that nourish the body properly.

Anyway I ended up marrying this guy and we have been happy ever since. He loves good food and eating new dishes and I love to create new recipes. I think it is the best to use a variety of fresh ingredients, but at the same time cooking should not take to much time. So I like to create recipes which are designed to be full of flavor and healthy. My husband loves to eat them (me too by the way). He also takes all the awesome pictures that you find on this website. So, as you see, we are a pretty good match.

Plant-based diet is the best possible eating plan to prevent disease and live longer – that´s what scientific evidence shows . It´s great to know that by making the right choices we can have a high quality of life. I love eating foods which energize me, make me feel well and help me to perform my best.