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Quick & easy Spaghetti with fresh sage cashew sauce

Spaghetti with sage cashew sauce is one of my favorite recipes when I don´t have much time, when don´t need many ingredients but want to eat something delicious. If you eat gluten free, you can easily adapt the recipe and use a gluten free pasta.

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Refreshing Potato Salad With Healthy Plantbased Mayonnaise

This potato salad with vegan mayonnaise is a great dish for summer, when you meet with your friends or you make a party. It is also a great choice if you are looking for a suitable vegan recipe that you can take with you for a picnic. The recipe is really easy, you don´t need very many ingredients and the most important thing is that it´s really delicious and something most people will enjoy.

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German Style Vegan Asparagus Soup

Spring time is asparagus time. The mild taste of asparagus really nice. This soup is not complicated and you need just few ingredients. To avoid using sugar I cooked the soup with a small apple and it´s really delicious. I hope you like it too. Just give it a try!

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Tea Time is health time: Best Teas To Reduce Stress

Herbal teas can help greatly to relieve stress and anxiety. They have no dangerous side effects and can help you to stay healthy in an natural way. Cooking tea is easy, inexpensive, doesn´t take much time. So you don´t have anything to loose, but much to win. Here are some teas that are great to help your body to deal with stress in a healthy way.

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