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Category: Vegan Recipes

Refreshing Potato Salad With Healthy Plantbased Mayonnaise

This potato salad with vegan mayonnaise is a great dish for summer, when you meet with your friends or you make a party. It is also a great choice if you are looking for a suitable vegan recipe that you can take with you for a picnic. The recipe is really easy, you don´t need very many ingredients and the most important thing is that it´s really delicious and something most people will enjoy.

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German Style Vegan Asparagus Soup

Spring time is asparagus time. The mild taste of asparagus really nice. This soup is not complicated and you need just few ingredients. To avoid using sugar I cooked the soup with a small apple and it´s really delicious. I hope you like it too. Just give it a try!

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Quick Salad with Spring Vegetable and Tahini

The spring is coming so here is my quick vegan spring salad. For the salad dressing I used a dark tahini, which is made from unhulled sesame seeds. Tahini contains a lot of protein, even more then most nuts. It boost energy and brain function, as it´s a rich source of B vitamins.

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Swiss Chard Salad With Pomegranate

As I saw this colorful vegetable when shopping, I could not resist buying. The colors of Swiss chard are so vibrant and beautiful and the good news is, the leaves stay colorful even after cooking.

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